Thursday, October 22, 2009


I feel that this music video is a non-narrative video but at the same time the song its self is in a way narrative. This video does tell a story but the story portrayed by the actors is broken up by Daughtry and his band every few seconds. This is a single camera video and it also has many different camera angles such as panning while the band is playing. When ever Daughtry is the main focus in the scene the camera seems to be doing a medium shot alternated by a medium close-up and in a few shots a close-up. The editing is this video I feel is well done. There is a difference when the images change but it’s not distracting. It almost seems normal because the light levels are very similar. The makeup is minimal which in my opinion helps to understand the story more and brings it down more to a personal level. These actors could be real people in a real situation. The costumes and lighting are all dark to maybe suggest some sort of negative situation that has caused this woman to be so sad. And in the end the viewer learns she has left the boyfriend and that she is going to be ok but the viewer doesn’t know for sure.

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