Thursday, October 08, 2009

David Letterman Scandal...or Nonscandal?

I would assume that we all heard or seen what Letterman has done. If you don't he had "relationships" with women who interned or worked for him. He was being extorted by a prominent NBC producer, who in fact was dating a women that had sex with Letterman.

Letterman basically handled the extortion and scandal with humor, which, did not sit well with me at all. I don't think it is funny to cheat on your girlfriend (he wasn't married at the time). He dated his now wife for over 20 years and still managed to cheat on her. Not only does he betray his now wife, but laughs about the issue on national television. What kind of message is this? I can't stand the message that the media is delivering these days. Maybe I am a bit conservative in my logic, but when did it become okay to betray others and lie to them? When did we let go of all morals and values in exchange for money, power, and laughs!???

I think that Letterman is a jerk. A very selfish man. I don't think that he was a role model, but a man who was committed to a women and betrayed her. Letterman makes himself to be the poor guy who was being extorted and what do we do, what does the audience do, they applaud! I understand people make mistakes, but personally I am fed up with how we are desensitized to things like cheating and betrayal.

One last thing. Letterman and this whole scandal has allowed his ratings to go through the roof. So, now he will get more attention and more money!

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