Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lebron and Kobe Nike Commercial

One of my favorite television commercials are the one's with Lebron and Kobe as puppets. The one that I chose is for a Nike advertisement. Kobe has on his new Nike shoes and wants to show Lebron how he can jump into a car with his new Nike shoes on. I just find these to be really great, because they use puppets and they are catchy. Here is the link to the commercial

In analyzing the textual analysis of this commercial, we can see how the focus is drawn to us immediately because Kobe and Lebron are well known NBA basketball players. Bascially I think in analyzing the text it is a great commercial to help Nike become even more popular and as well it shows this concept of friendship between two players who are supposed to be rivals. I think that combining these elements of Kobe and Lebron as puppets for a television commercial especially when it was played constantly through the playoffs definitely gets the attention of an audience. I know I kept talking about these commercials every time I would see one.

There is clearly narration taking place but it is Kobe and Lebron who are the ones narrating the commercial which in commercials I feel like the narrative is usually a voice over.

It seems also that within this commercial there is conflict because Kobe's whole idea is that with his new Nike shoes on he can do anything such as jump into a car, but we don't know what is going to happen although we can pretty much predict he will make it into the car because he has his Nike's on and of course because he is Kobe Bryant.

This commercial doesn't really tell us a story like the one we saw in class with the beer I feel it is simply just a commercial to advertise Nike and to have these two NBA "puppets" presenting the Nike brand.

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