Friday, October 30, 2009

Disorderly Conduct for McDonalds Rap

Most people have seen the video of the kids rapping their order in the McDonald's drive-through. Many I'm sure would agree that it is pure entertainment to watch and listen to. Apparently in Utah, employees didn't find it so funny, and they called the cops on four kids who did a similar rendition of the popular video. Though it is pretty hilarious that these kids got a disorderly conduct for rapping about some burgers and fries, it is beyond ridiculous. Maybe in Utah there isn't a whole lot of crime, but that doesn't mean people/cops should classify minor incidents as criminal. All this was about was a couple of kids wanting to have a good time and joking around for their own entertainment. I feel like the whole law enforcement process is incredibly twisted. Just because you can’t find crime doesn’t mean you should create one out of nothing. Would you rather these kids be sneaking around after curfew doing drugs or drinking? Let’s get real here.

Here's the infamous McDonalds Rap from 2 years ago:

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