Thursday, October 08, 2009

...NFL goes PiNK...

Breast Cancer Awareness Month encourages many to get involved in different events, fundraisers, and the like. This year the little pink ribbons are being spotted in a whole new venue: on the football field. Players and coaches are all sporting a little pink flare with their gear this year, to show their support for the cause. The gear is then being auctioned off to raise money for breast cancer research. Some are criticizing the NFL’s effort to raise money for the cause, saying that the money spent to redecorate the fields and “go pink” with the uniforms and gear could have just as well have been donated to the breast cancer research fund directly. I think the NFL is about more than just the dough. These men are standing proud on the field, adorned in pink, to show their support and respect for a disease that primarily affects women. The fact that the NFL is pulling together and making a statement like this is incredible, and very powerful. The money they will raise as a result of their efforts will be substantial, however, the statement they make each time they hit the field rocking their pink gear is far more significant.

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