Friday, October 16, 2009

As Good As A Supergroup Gets

We have all seen great rock n' roll bands come and go. Some rocks bands stop because it is just that time where age sets in. Other bands break up because of inner conflict between band mates. Regardless of the situation, there always seems to be one who just can't shake their need to continue to keep making and performing music. For instance, Guns N' Roses broke up due to issues with lead singer Axl Rose. This did not stop the rest of the band from teaming up with Stone Temple Pilots front man, Scott Weiland, and creating super group, Velvet Revolver. The super group is one of those things that either fans will LOVE, or absolutely HATE.

The newest super group that is in the works, THAT I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE, is a band called "Them Crooked Vultures." The band consists of Josh Homme, front man of Queens of the Stone Age. Dave Grohl, who is the lead singer of Foo Fighters, and ex-drummer of Nirvana, and John Paul Jones, former bass player of Led Zeppelin. This band fuses together powerful riffs and intense drum beats with a modern blues sound. Its kind of like taking Queens of the Stone Age, Foo Fighters, and Led Zeppelin, putting them all in a blender, and then pouring the contents into a glass marked "excellence."
"Them Crooked Vultures" debuted at a small show which began at midnight after the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago. Since their performance that night in Chicago they have been touring in Europe, and have been releasing little snipits of material here and there. Any potnential fans of this new supergroup may sign up for the e-mail list on the Them Crooked Vultures website and recieve the newest updates concerning the band, including new snipits of material as well as videos.

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Kris G. said...

JPJ looks great for his age.