Monday, October 26, 2009

When the Sun Goes Down...

The Arctic Monkeys video for their song, "When the Sun Goes Down" is a great example of a narrative approach to producing a music video. The song tells a story, and the video shows it.The video features a variety of different shots that seperate the different emotions of the song. The video and song begin with slow, sad intros. The lyrics about the prostitute dealing with this particularly "scummy man" are paired with intermediate and close-up shots of the woman playing that role, as well as longer shots of her going interacting with the deprived environment that is the setting. When the song gets faster and more energetic, the shots mirror the song. As the cresecendo builds, the shots are distorted and blurred, and edited wildly and quickly to match the new tone of the song. The visual aspect of music videos allows the producers to emphasize the discrepancy of happiness between the main characters of the story. Shots of her are usually either low-lit closeups of the sad expression on her face or low-lit shots of her in an equally drab and depressing setting. These are contrasted with brighter shots of the men taking advantage of her poor situation

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