Sunday, October 04, 2009

Bad Reality Decisions

The Real Housewives of Atlanta is a show where cameras follow five different wealthy housewives,giving us a look into their exclusive lives and spending habits. I'm just amazed at how fake these people are; most of them are even liars, 3 out of the 5 are said to be broke and lying about their financial well-being and privilege, but honestly thats not what bothers me the most, what does bother me is that none of these women care about the well-being of their children. Kim, one of the housewives is actually dating an anonymous married man who she calls “big Papa.” He provides her with all the lavish necessities, the cars, house and designer clothes that she needs in order to keep this fake persona of herself. I just don't understand how this woman doesn't see the pain and the damage that her children will or are going through because of her actions. Kim being a single mom, shows that it is okay to date married men and use them for getting what she needs in order to keep up the image that people have of her. These people need to think about the fact that they are shaping these kids decisions and future. Maybe they just need to act like parents and leave the fantasy of fame and fortune behind.

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