Friday, October 09, 2009

Roman Who?

This week, one of my older co-workers came up to me and announced that 'If you haven't already heard, Roman Polanski was finally arrested'. Roman who, I replied? He then went on to go into detail about the story of Roman Polanski sexually assaulting a young girl, and was wanted in the US. The famous film director had moved overseas where he was 'safe' till he recently attended a film event in Zurich, which has a extradition treaty with the US, so he was finally arrested. Even though this occurrence was way before my time (the sexual assault) and I had honestly never heard of this 'infamous' director Roman Polanski, the story is quite scandalous. The stupidity yet geniusness of Roman Polanski shocked me. First, he escaped overseas to avoid charges for a horrific crime in the US. He continued to make films, work, and actually make money and live a 'norman life' (for a film director). He was able to pull this off for years, and then one day he is stupid enough to travel to a place where he can be arrested. With all his money, success and already one escape on his hands, wouldn't he have been smart enough to check the regulations in Zurich? Couldn't he pay someone to do this? He went to accept an award, which makes me wonder if he is that selfish (obviously, based on the charges he was facing) that he got caught up in the praise and put himself at the state of finally being punished for the disgusting crime he committed? The irony is great. He was smart enough to escape for years, but stupid and vain enough to get caught at a public award show. On the line above, the LA Times closely follows Polanski's story. It's quite interesting, even if you have no idea who the man is.

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