Thursday, October 22, 2009

Candy bar commercial

This commercial is very simple in it’s presentation. It uses a narrative to tell the story of a young boy who wants someone to be able to play with, so he goes on a mission to get a baby brother. A variety of camera angles are used to elaborate this emotion of loneliness.

The first is similar to that from Veronica Mars where Veronica is sitting alone and looking at the people used to call friends. In the same manner, the boy scores a goal but has no one to share the joy with as he just scored on an empty net. Then the camera pans up and very wide, so much so that you barely notice the boy standing all alone on the soccer field. Finally, a series of brief shots from numerous different angles show the way the boy is setting the mood for his parents, with most of the shots making you see the world from his perspective (reaching up for the flowers, sitting down to open the bottle of wine, etc.).

It is apparent that the boy gets his wish when he and his father are seen walking down a hallway that we quickly associate with a hospital. Our suspicions are confirmed when we see the mom in a hospital bed and a newborn nearby, completing this boy’s story on his quest for a playmate.

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