Friday, November 13, 2009


With all our talk in class lately about how media represent culture in ways of race, gender, etc., it's interesting to me to see a show that (all-in-all) attempts to convey a middle-America setting, cast, and plot line.

Friday Night Lights has been my favorite show pretty much since it debuted back in late 2007.

The show takes place in a made up town in Texas and, in general, is about their high school football team. But in reality you only see about 3 minutes of a football game every two episodes. It's more about the emotions and dilemmas people are faced with in their lives.

The latest episode's most notable conflict came when the head coach wrote a large check without telling his wife. He at first lied about it, then came clean and they inevitably had a fight and eventually made up. The little things like this make this show hit so much closer to home than any other I have seen in quite some time.

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