Wednesday, November 04, 2009


As I sit on my couch watching the continuous feed of pointless commercials that never seem to be that effective, I come across a commercial I have seen to many times and always dread hearing it. Although it is probably one of the more effective commercials it still drives me crazy when it comes on. I do have cable however I have only seen the commercial come on the local channels. It is the J. G Wentworth Opera commercial, which I am sure some of you have heard of. Throughout this commercial they say the phone number 8 times!! If you don’t remember the number to J.G. Wentworth after hearing this you must be crazy. Besides the effective repetition this commercial uses, the overall construction of the commercial is pretty lousy. The words on the bottom of the screen help develop a visual memory of the number and who you would be calling but the people used in the commercial and the overall annoyance of it makes it very unappealing. Although I dislike this commercial very much you have to give it credit for being able to use repetition to become familiar to its consumer. Just try not to sing it after watching it… 877-CASH-NOW!!!

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