Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Become a "Stumbler!"

Have you stumbled lately? That is a question I am starting to hear more often with my friends. Sharing their stories about all the random facts they learn through the website: www.stumbleupon.com. This website will have you occupied for hours, trust me! This is a site where you are asked some of your basic interests and then…you start stumbling! It allows its users to discover and then rate the web pages, photos, and videos they stumble across. It takes you to the most random of places on the Internet; from youtube, to MSNBC, to personalized websites, etc. It truly does enhance your interest in the Internet and all the crazy things put on. I can honestly say that I have read some funny things through stumble and seen some hilarious youtube videos. But rather than being all comedy, it can also have you stumble across rather interesting news pieces, different projects, and handy things to know on a day to day basis. It really is a good past time.

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Tim said...

Damn this link. I came on here to find a previous link...that was an hour ago.