Friday, November 06, 2009

Cheap Movies = Big Bucks

In order to make a profit on a movie, a film obviously needs to rake in more money at the box office, than it cost to make the movie. So how does a film maker make the big bucks? Its easy. Take a handful of skeptical people, throw them in a paranormal situation, and give them a camera. So far, movies like the new Paranormal Activity have proven this a fact.

The new movie Paranormal Activity, has made a killing at the box office since it was released in late September,only costing $10,000 to make. The movie only has up to four characters throughout the whole movie, and the film only has one setting. The only other thing that is needed to make this film work is the audiences imagination.

What is it exactly that make Paranormal Activity such a smash hit? Simply enough, it is everyone's basic fear of the things that go bump in the night. Every noise you have ever heard at 3 a.m., ever shadow you have seen, every time you have felt the vinrations of your house settling, this is the fear that paranormal Activity feeds on. After seeing this movie, any creek shadow, or vibration that you may experience during the night will never let you forget about this film.

Playing on these simple common fears is what has given such a long lasting impression on the audiences. Who would of thought that a $10,000 film would have profited for millions of dollars. This goes to shows that it is the good ideas and stories that make a good movie, and not just stunning special effects or dialogue. A good movie has to evoke strong emotion within a person. If a film is able to do this, then there is no telling how much success that this movie will recieve.

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