Thursday, November 05, 2009

Meth and Celebrites

Not only do celebrities get their elated fix off fame, but drugs. As of late, celebrities such as Andre Agassi, an olympic gold medal winner in men's tennis singles, has recently admitted to his addiction to crystal meth. After years of denying it when being tested positive, he has come out to admit it in his new book, "Open". Now Agassi is clean and proud to tell his story of what he overcame, but like other celebrities it was a hard thing to overcome because the feeling of meth provided euphoria, hope and a lot of energy. Something that couldn't have been achieved in other ways.

Other well known open meth users of celebrities include, Amy Winehouse, Ryan O'Neal, Fergie, and Jodie Sweetin (Stephanie on Full House). Sweetin also has a book out "Unsweetined" and talks about how she hit a rock bottom in her meth addiction. Ended up in the hospital one night after a long night of partying and seeking rehab. However she kept the addiction binges while she was trying to seek help.

Not an easy addiction to overcome, but in the fame life it seems to be an easy thing to get a handle on and find an obsession with it.

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