Thursday, October 04, 2007

bOING bOING UPgrades

If you all are not very familiar with bOING bOING, let me give you a little idea of what it is all about. Originally started as a zine in 1988, boing boing grew into the internet world in 1995 as a website and later relaunched into a blog. Considered one of the most popular blogs out there by Technorati, B.B. gets up to 7.5 million page views a month! This blog covers everything from consumer electronics to crazy happenings around the world. There is so much interesting stuff on this blog, you could surf around for hours just reading some of the entertaining posts and now even watch video!!!!

As of yesterday, the popular blog BOING BOING introduced video component into the mix of things. Xeni Jardin and co-creater Mark Frauenfelder will be co-hosting BOING BOING TV, 25 minutes a week (3-5 minute segments daily). I found one 'episode' hilarious, it shows a discount lobotomy billboard with a live number and people actually called in!!! Prior to the lobotomy segment is a short video featuring old movie trailers with remarks from directors. All in all it's great stuff. I recommend you all taking a peak at what this blog has to offer!!

I tried embedding the video multiple times and it isn't working for me.....who knows what i'm doing here it is with the click of a button!!! Sorry

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