Monday, October 01, 2007

A little too far?

A friend recently sent me this video of a newscast from WTOC in Savannah, Georgia. The story is about a woman who is accused of throwing boric acid at her neighbor.

Take a look:

I find it interesting that this local station decided to air the story as it was edited. I think the factual elements of the story are newsworthy, but it's pretty evident that the reporter was more focused on the woman. I say this because the package didn't include any comment from the neighbor (although the reporter says the neighbor wasn't home), any reference to the effects of boric acid or even an interview with the police.

The fact that this TV station and this reporter ran this story makes me question their ethical integrity. Do local stations sometimes hype-up their stories to boost ratings? Of course. Is breaking news much more common? No doubt.

When I first saw this video, I found it funny. I still do. However, it never should have been broadcast on local tv.

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JillyAnn said...

Seems more like Jerry Springer than news to me!!