Thursday, October 18, 2007

Chad Vader

Hi all. Here is a video series that I just came back to today that is quite interesting. Obviously, for those who are fans of Star Wars, this should be a real treat. Chad Vader: Day Shift Manager is a YouTube series that uses the montage of the famous Sith lord himself, Darth Vader, only that this Vader in the show is actually Darth Vader's brother. Chad is a day shift manager at the Empire Market grocery store and runs all of the staff that happen to be there. Chad wears Vader's suit, (complete with Vader's ever-present breathing noise), carries a lightsaber, and comes complete with his force powers, like the force push and force choke. Another one of the quirks about this series is that one of the writers, Matt Sloan, perfectly emulates Vader's voice, and it is hilarious to see how one of Star Wars' most ruthless characters reacts to many everyday situations. Overall, this video shows not only represents the ongoing popularity of Star Wars, but it re-emphasizes the integration between YouTube and the film industry. For those who haven't seen Star Wars much, I don't know how you'll respond to this series, but I do hope you enjoy it. This is the first episode out of eight, so feel free to check out the other videos on YouTube.

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