Friday, October 19, 2007


I recently learned of this community art project created by Frank Warren called PostSecret. People annonymously mail him artistic postcards with a secret on it. Warren then publishes the post cards in a book and part of the profits go to the 1800SUICIDE network. It was created in 2004 where he recieved 3,000 postcards and has grown in popularity and one year later he got 20,000 postcards. Some of the cards even appeared in an All-American Rejects music video, "Dirty Little Secrets".

Here is a link to a few of the postcards that would appear in his books:

Warren beleives that this can help people get out feelings or confessions that they could not tell in anyone in person. There are many suicidal confessions but many are funny and lighthearted as well. THe postcards come from all over the world and he feels that they help people to get out their secrets and the viewers help in their understanding and compassion for the annoymous writters.

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