Thursday, October 04, 2007

celebrity sicksposé

Monday night I half-watched the Simpsons and Family Guy on my24. A lot of times I don't pay that much attention when I watch TV, especially if it's episodes I've seen before. Anyway, after these this show called Celebrity Exposé came on at 7PM. I don't know if any of you caught it ... but it was absolutely ridiculous.

This episode was all about Lindsay Lohan and her totally outta control lifestyle. The details involved were freakishly invasive. At first it chronicled her arrests for cocaine possession and stints in rehab. It showed paparazzi video of her IN the rehab facility, then let the viewer know exactly when she left, where she went, who she saw. At one point the show portrayed her as a serious danger to herself and others while driving under the influence, then turned around and talked about her privileged lifestyle in an admiring way. The show implied her parents might be to blame for some of her behavior followed by clips of them saying all adoring things about their daughter.

For a while I was hypnotized and disgusted at the same time by this show, but I started to realize it was going to be more than a half-hour investment of my time and quit watching. I felt kind of gross for watching as long as I did, and sad for Lindsay. Here's her most famous mugshot, for your viewing pleasure.

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