Friday, October 19, 2007

Getting High in "The Hills"

A few class periods ago, we discussed whether or not producers interfere with the cast members of reality shows when they find themselves in potentially dangerous or illegal situations. According to a Star magazine interview with “Laguna Beach” and “The Hills” cast member Jason Wahler, they do not. Wahler has been arrested four times in the period of one year, and attributes his legal problems with the stardom that resulted from appearing on these shows. “I definitely think being on 'The Hills' influenced my problems…club owners and promoters want people on TV to party in their clubs. They throw bottles at you! It was 100 percent part of the problem,” Wahler claimed. The 20-year-old has completed rehab, and is committed, with the support of his new fiancĂ©e, to remaining sober. Only time will tell if Wahler will be able to overcome his bad habits, but either way I am sure MTV will closely document the drama and air it for America to see it unfold.

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