Friday, October 05, 2007

Kid Nation

Recently I was watching television at my house during prime time hours. Since I work a lot at night, I don't typically get to see prime time tv, and I am usually out of the loop as far as new tv goes. My brother calls me and asks me to DV-R a show called "Kid Nation", so he can come over and watch it.
Later when he comes over, we watch it and it's acually really funny. The premise is that a bunch of kids, ages 8-14, are given run of a formerly deserted town town and they must manage things like food, rules and order, and compete in challenges in order to win cash and prizes. It sounds kind of corny, but it's funny to watch bullying 14 year olds and bratty little ten year old girls compete and work to lead or follow in the new society they have created. If they are the "gold star" member of the community, they recieve a star made of gold, worth $20,000. So there is real money put on their squables. Anyways, you should check out the show. It's a good, dumb time.

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