Friday, October 12, 2007

george lopez

The George Lopez Show is now syndicated on my24. I had never actually watched an episode of the show until it began this syndicated run. I'm relatively interested in Hispanic representation on television, so I started to watch the show a bit (especially when I heard that their theme song was "Low Rider"). Unfortunately the opening sequence seems to be the best part of the show. Lopez's wife on the show takes care of him like he's a child. Although I see how George's antics fit into the sitcom world, they're not very funny. His mother on the show is a callous, extremely abrasive (and kind of an alcoholic) single woman who constantly lies to George. The show doesn't really teach much about Hispanic culture: the fact that they're a Hispanic family isn't all that relevant to the show. It's good to see more Hispanics physically on TV, but I was expecting more, George Lopez.

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