Thursday, October 25, 2007

Facebook is Beefing Up!!!!

Between Microsoft and Google, the winner is.....Microsoft!! According to an article I found online Microsoft and Google were competing against a stake in Facebook. For $240 Million, Microsoft won! This decision finally arrived Wednesday after weeks of debate.

I'm sure you all know how Facebook was created, as it has been brought up in class earlier this semester. Although if you can't recall it started about four years ago at the Harvard University in a dorm room!!!! Surprisingly enough this social network has grown to be worth $15 Billion dollars!!!!! WHOAA....I wish I could have introduced that!!! Ah well..

Facebook's competitor Myspace, which is the biggest social network out there, better watch out!!! In September, it had been noted that Facebook 30.6 million users as opposed to Myspace which was more than double at 68.7 million. As Myspace is worldly, Facebook is only nationwide. Facebook is looking to expand worldwide as well.

Facebook is also looking to expand the company as well. Currently with 300 employees, 400 more will be getting hired...topping off at 700!! Facebook and Microsoft will be working together to work on more advertising for the site.......

I am a fan of Facebook myself and I also have a myspace account which I never use, I actually don't know why I got it? BUT- I hope Facebook survives and beats myspace.....I'm sure it will happen. I do believe that Facebook can transcend myspace. Although I am not sure how long it will take! WHat do you think?? FACEBOOK or Myspace, which do you prefer?? Or perhaps Do you think Facebook can outshine myspace????

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