Monday, October 08, 2007

Packers on SNL

This past Saturday night, I was feeling real run down and tired so I decided to stay in and watch Saturday Night Live. I haven't seen it in quite a while because I usually watch Mad TV, but I decided to give SNL a chance for a change. The opening credits were pretty funny. They had Adam Sandburg dressed up like Kevin Federline and I just had to laugh at how dead on Adam was. He talked just like K-Fed, had his same mannerisms, and had the clothing attire to match. It was way too funny to hear parenting tips coming from K-Fed. After the monologue, there is usually a mock commercial featuring a made-up product that is previously taped during the week. This week, the producers of SNL decided to make an ultra sound product that enables the capabilities of seeing an unborn child in high definition. That's just a comical concept in itself. They begin to tell the audience all of the benefits of the high resolution screen and what not. Then as a bonus they begin to explain how this product has the ability to show you what your child will look like with your favorite sports team helmet on their head. I was thinking to myself that it will be a New York area sports team. To my surprise, a Green Bay Packer helmet shows up the head of an unborn baby in perfect high definition. It was so funny to see this concept but I laughed even harder because out of every sports team, they chose the Packers. I am a die hard Packer fan and to see that just put a huge smile on my face, knowing everyone around the nation watching at this moment is seeing the Packer helmet. That's great publicity for our state! It got me so pumped up for the game against the Bears on Sunday...but we won't talk about that disappointment. The cool thing about this is that when they replay this episode of SNL, it will forever be a Green Bay Packer helmet.

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