Friday, October 19, 2007

Internet = procrastination.

Working back home over the summer had its rewards; free meals, unlimited use of internet and the wonders of cable television. Being poor in milwaukee, one has to live without these luxuries.

I'm not saying that television is a big part of my life...far from it. Only having access to local channels works quite well for a girl who is distracted easily. I will admit though, I had become quite addicted to the Game Show Network. Interactive gaming from the comfort of my living room was a great way to by-pass time.

Unfortunately GSN is a cable program. I had to leave the comfort of easy access entertainmet to the wild life of a college student in Milwaukee. Yes, the transition was tough.

But, there is good news! Thanks to the use of the wonderful world-wide web, (and because everything now has it's own website,) has come been brought to my attention and I now can spend my homework time on this site.

Some of my personal favorites are:

All are a race against time to try and create words from clues given along the way.

In Lingo, two teams race to try and spell a five-letter word with only getting clues, (the next letter in the puzzle,) after a certain time period.

Chain Reaction has a different twist because it is not confined to five letters. There are two words given. One on top of a series of level and another at the bottom. The only way these two are connected is if you guess the words in between. An examle would be:

Given- Golden

You must fill in the middle blanks before the time runs out.

Now camouflage is my personal favorite.

In camouflage you are given a bunch of jumbled words and have to find the word within. They are in order, but many words are scrambled within. You are given a clue and unneccessary letters fall away but points are deducted the longer you take. An example of this game would be:

Clue-A hunter's/sidekick

Letter combination-eargtdiwksfialhose


Once I found this wonderful site, homework time has never been the same! I urge everyone to check these out if they haven't already. Because of interactive websites, I have been able to write papers in about 10 hours! Holy Crap, So Much Fun!

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sarahwood said...

Chain reaction is an awesome game. I wish they had more words!