Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Good, The Bad, and the Weird

HEY fellow media scholars,

Just when I thought I'd seen a lot of different things on the web I found this site: A non-profit organization built around encouraging independent artists, and media makers.

It really made me stop and check out the content because of it's modern design and pleasing layout. Part blog roll, art gallery, animation house and media sound-off space. It's slogan: "A place to look and listen." While we are daily overwhelmed by so many advertising impressions, publications to choose from, books and required class texts, etc... this was a pleasing foray into an abstract world of pure art pulp.

I love the fact that you can enable streaming radio from many techno subgenres: house, ambient, trip-hop, breakbeats, drum n' bass for a few examples.

The site actually offers online art exhibitions and is archived until October 2003. As if they couldn't add anymore browsers can also check out articles, interviews and just plain editorials on a myriad of subjects and people.

Sometimes the endless Wikipedia, YouTube, Google to email circuit becomes, well, circuitous and I would encourage all of you that like things a little unconventional to embark upon an exploratory mission to this internet wonderland.

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