Sunday, October 21, 2007

I am a little young to actually remember much about Transformers, except for the awesome 80s ballad that played during their battle with the Decepticons, but I must admit that I really enjoyed the new movie. I was sure that the film would be filled with cheesy computer animation and a Pokemon-ish story line, but I was wrong. The graphics were great and there was a wonderful intermingling of humor and emotion.
I must admit that if my brother hadn’t watched it with me I may have been a little confused. There were a couple of jokes that drew on past Transformer knowledge, which I just don’t have, but overall the movie was entertaining. The only other problem was that the plot drew from three separate stories and tried to draw all three together in the end, but at the end all I thought was….wow, what did that cute actor have to do with that other cute actor…oh well. The plot as a whole made sense, but the extra stories just seemed unnecessary.
I would definitely suggest people see this movie, but be prepared they do not play the 80s ballad from the cartoon. This took me by surprise and I was greatly disappointed.

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