Monday, October 22, 2007

Ohh... Busted!

A few months ago I learned about a UK based website... It contains full episodes of television shows as well as movies. It contains full seasons of pretty much any show I can imagine. I recently used it to watch tons of episodes of Arrested Development after hearing so much about the show and never having seen it before. It was pretty neat to be able to watch episode after episode without having to buy or rent DVDs.

This site seemed too good to be true...

... And I was right.

On Friday, this article was published. TV-Links, which is apparently one of the world's biggest pirate film sites, was shut down because of it's links to illegal versions tv shows and movies. The owner was arrested on charges relating to the facilitation of copyright infringement.

Because the site allowed users to access illegally broadcast material, especially blockbuster films that are still in theaters, the people working in the film industry were affected. In 2006, an estimated £459 million ($933 million) was lost because of this website. I can't even imagine what his fine is going to be...

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