Wednesday, October 31, 2007


The new season 5 of Nip/Tuck has just aired last night. As an avid veiwer of Nip/Tuck I am concered that this season will not be as provocative and entertaining as the previous seasons. For anyone that is not familar with the show, it is really a soft core porno about two plastic surgons that seem to take on the most rediculous clients that always get them into the most rediculous problems. However, on the new season they have just moved their practice from Maimi to LA and the whole season seems to be able them trying to "make it." They decided to co-star in a pathetic tv drama about and ER to try and make it big. To be honest I would rather just watch Christian bang girls in rediculous situations and Julia making out with midgets. Although, they do have an impressive list of quest stars that I am looking forward to such as Dylan Walsh and Julian McMahon. As any good Nip/Tuck fan would, I will continue watching in hopes for improvement from episode 1.

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