Thursday, November 01, 2007

Jerry Seinfeld/Bee Movie Plugs Becoming Increasingly Annoying

Anyone who has watched NBC primetime in the last few weeks has undoubtedly come across Jerry Seinfeld's "Bee Movie TV Juniors" "sketches" chronicaling the making of Bee Movie, the (predictably) NBC-owned Dreamworks production. During prime-time commercial breaks, Seinfeld, narrates quirky occurrences that took place during the production of the movie and were taped alledgedly unbeknownst to Jerry and the people he interacts with. These non-comical moments are obvious commercial plugs for the movie, and are annoying and ruin the Seinfeld mystique that was created during his self-titled show's run on NBC in the '90s. Seinfeld, pulled the plug on his show while it was still highly successful, to go out on top. But, after leaving behind a memorable legacy, like Michael Jordan with the Wizards and Godfather III, Seinfeld has finally publicly re-emerged and has many wishing he didn't. The "Bee Movie TV Juniors" plugs not only have tarnished Seinfeld's image in my eyes but also have put a damper on my Office-watching experience. Here's to hoping Seinfeld, NBC and any retirees mulling over a comeback have learned from this God-awful experience.

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Jon Anderson said...

Not to take away from anything that you've said (I agree that the promos are a little too heavy), but Dreamworks (or Dreamworks Animation for that matter) is not owned by NBC/GE.

I suppose it is possible that there is some sort of synergistic link between Dreamworks Animation and NBC that would explain the "Bee Movie overload," but its also entirely possible that this is a case where NBC is reaching the ideal audience of people who are most likely to attend Bee Movie.