Monday, November 12, 2007

D2L as a Forum?

I have an online class with a professor this semester that is shaping up to be unlike any other online class experience I've had. Since I used to commute, it was easier for me to take half of my classes online, and I've taken three others so far in addition to the two I'm taking this semseter. In the past my classes have been just that- classes. However, this semester one of my professors is using d2l as a forum to rant, it seems. She is not satisfied with her department and in numerous emails, lectures, and one d2l posting entitled, "Read @ UR own Risk" she details her dissatifaction in a very unprofessional manner. One of the mass emails she sent out to students included a sentiment in which she expressed her opinion that our professors had dumbed us down so that we could no longer think for ourselves, and it was for this reason that she was leaving UWM in Spring '08.

All of this can really be distracting from the learning portion of class, to say the least. Not to mention that I and other students rarely get feedback from the questions we ask pertaining to the organization of the class; rather, we receive emails ranting about this professor's position within her department. All of this seems like an inappropriate platform from which a faculty member is abusing her ability to connect with students... certainly not what I expected from this class, or from d2l!!

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