Friday, November 02, 2007

I hope it isn't too late to take off my Colbert '08 bumper sticker...

A few weeks ago I posted about Stephen Colbert's presidential bid. At the time, I was obviously skeptical. The timing was rather questionable. Well, on Thursday after registering with the South Carolina Democratic Party, he was denied entry on the primary ballot. Although Colbert plays a conservative news pundit, he did not file with the Republican Party because there was a $35,000 entry fee whereas the Democratic fee was only around $3000. Supposedly, to get on the Democratic ballot in South Carolina, one must satisfy two requirements. He needed to be viable nationally and have spent time campaigning in the state. Colbert did make a "campaign stop" in Columbia, SC on Sunday and was met with 1,000 supporters who were mostly university students. He did not plan to campaign nationally after only registering on the South Carolina ballot.

I find this story strangely entertaining, but rather ridiculous. Although I am a common viewer of major news networks I find the saturation of meaningless stories occasionally nauseating.

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