Monday, November 05, 2007

Product Placement...HATE IT!

Ok, so I know that a lot of tv shows and movies rely on funds from advertisers to have their products put into the medium...but it is seriously getting out of hand. Take yesterdays Extreme Home Makeover on ABC. Great show, yes? It is a good that obviously has sponsers (*cough* SEARS!) because otherwise it could not survive. The show last evening was going along like any other until one of the designers contacted the family via webcam asking them to describe what they'd like in their kitchen from looking at the Searsbook.

First: Most of these design decisions are not made on camera (except when it involves kids bedrooms usually).

Second: While paging though the Searsbook, the daughter was pointing out refridgerators that she liked...I believe she was 12 or so. Really? A 12 year old giving refridgerator input to her parents. That's what I did when I was that age, how about you?

The whole scene was so ridiculous cause it was a totaly plug for Sears. It really ruined part of the show for me. I mean, I understand that they have to put things like that in the show for monetary reasons and what not, but sometimes it all goes too far.

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