Monday, November 12, 2007

Born to be Bad

The other day in class we were disscussing the notion that scientists think that individuals are not a "blank slate" when born but we all are sort of programmed with our personalities and then the blank spots are filled with life experiences and upbringing. I am a true beleiver in this and I have my own evidence to prove it. I know a woman that had twins that were raised and brought up together within the same household. When trying to obtain childsupport from the thought to be babies' daddy, she was shocked to find that her twin boys had two different fathers. It is extremely rare that this ever happens but in her case the paternaty tests proved her to be the unlucky one. Anyways, the boys were barely ever apart growing up and continued to be raised within the same home with rare visits from the two separate fathers. One of the fathers was the primary man in both of the twin's life. The boys are now about six years old and they are life night and day. Having met both of the boys fathers I can see why. One of the father is shy an poliet while the other is your typical bad boy and his son's behavior reflects his clearly. I just thought it was interesting how much of an impact genes really do have on personality and mannorisms.
Moral of the story... choose your baby's daddy wisely ladies!

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