Friday, November 16, 2007

Twists on Soda

Well, for all of you soda drinkers, there could be something worth trying!? I am not a fan of soda, haven't really dipped myself into soda since my freshman year in highschool. Now anytime I even try and drink it, I end up feeling ill. BUT, for you all who do enjoy soda, I recently found a Dr. Pepper advertisement from the 1960's!

As you can see, the ad is trying a new twist on Dr. Pepper, serving it HOT!!!! I would assume that this drink would not taste bad, it is something different and people sometimes overlook new (in this case it's not), different ideas. Maybe some of you have already tried hot Dr. Pepper?? Who knows, it could be a family tradition at Holiday get togethers?? I wouldn't mind trying it. I am curious to find out what it tastes like. When cold weather hits, nothing could be better than a nice HOT steamy cup of Dr. Pepper!

The snowman seems to be enjoying it!!!!


I also read in the paper that Jones' soda company is coming out with Holiday flavors! Flavors such as Christmas Tree, Christmas Ham ( Eww ), Latkes, and then some flavors that are more ideal for soda with Sugar Plum, Egg Nog (maybe not so much), Jelly Doughnut, Apple Sauce (MmMmM this could be tasty!), and Chocolate Coins. I could only imagine what Christmas Tree and Ham would taste like! Egg Nog is definately not something I would even consider trying!! Seriously, who would want to drink a soda that tastes like Ham OR Egg Nog??

A portion of the proceeds will be given to charity, so even if it tastes horrible, at least it isn't a total waste of money!

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