Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cosmo Celebrity Blog

I went on Cosmo's website today to find the article that I talked about in class, where Cosmo advised readers to create a Wikipedia article detailing their achievements. Instead, I got sidetracked- not by embarassing stories or makeup tricks, but by Cosmo's Celebrity Video. Apparently one of their new website features is a video snippet that's posted every Monday through Friday that will keep everyone up to date on the latest celebrity news. It's quite blantantly modeled after E! Entertainment news. While watching today's vid, I learned that Mary Kate Olsen was hospitalized for her kidneys, and Kimberly Stewart (Rod Stewart's daughter) may be dating Tommy Lee. Also, there was a fashion plug that included an up-close glimpse of Fergie's diamond encrusted heels.

Of course, after the quick hit of celebrity news, there was an advertisement. The one that I saw today was for Gilmore Girls DVD seasons. A new venue for Cosmo? We'll see...

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