Saturday, November 17, 2007

Superbad and American Pie

Hey all. I just happened to watch American Pie 1 & 2 last night, since I haven't seen these movies for quite a while. As I was watching the movie, I remembered Prof. Newman's first text analysis suggestion for our final paper in terms of comparing Superbad with American Pie. Anyways, I used to think American Pie was bit raunchy, notably because of Steve Stifler (Sean William Scott) and his quest to have sex with almost every woman imaginable. However, when I saw Superbad, things were very different. The main character Seth (Jonah Hill) is, in my opinion, more foul-mouthed than Steve Stifler. Actually, the entire movie is very raunchy and crazier than American Pie ever was. For example, during a house party, Seth's objective is to get alcohol for another party. As he tries to get close to the booze, he encounters a woman who dances with him and thanks him after a few minutes of dancing. Then other people at the party notice that there is blood on Seth's leg after he danced with the girl. This implies that the woman had her period on Seth's leg. Have you guys seen anything this crazy in American Pie (other than Jim having sex with the apple pie, of course)? Anyways, I leave you with trailers of American Pie and Superbad to browse at your leisure.

Oh, and notice how these trailers are structured. Do things happen to make sense when you see them? When I saw trailers of Superbad, I didn't expect the majority of the movie would use swearing to the level that it did. I was totally caught off-guard.

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