Saturday, November 17, 2007

Pseudo-Event or True Sympathy?

I came across a story about John Edwards sympathizing with the writers on strike in Hollywood. Then I found a video of his speech on YouTube. He seems sincere but come critics have maintained that Edwards is simply making an appearance and looking for ways to gain votes. I'm sure it is a bit of both.

However, I like the man. He is democratic to begin with and even though he literally reeks of money his general tone and basic principles seem to favor anti-hegemonic power to the people rhetoric.

The writers strike is more than just easy headlines. Many studios are clamoring to shoot as many episodes as possible before work becomes impossible. Already networks are putting up more re-runs and looking to the future. They're firing other production staff in an attempt to get the writers back. These people aren't the millionaires, they're making car payments and putting kids through school...

What could happen? Well it depends. More than likely both sides will eventually come to a compromise and work will continue. However, if it's anything like the 1988 writers walk-out there may be some very noticeable effects. Primetime may become inundated by reruns and reality, (since reality shows hardly rely on guild writers). Also newsmagazine shows like 48 hours or 60 minutes might make a dazzling comeback. When scripted shows dissapeared in '88 these shows found a strong foothold.

Many see the strike as a conflict nobody wants but all are powerless to avoid.

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