Tuesday, November 20, 2007

More stuff on youtube

I was thinking about what we had talked about in class with youtube and how 90 percent of everything on there sucks. I would have to agree, particularly when I go to the most recently uploaded videos and see a bunch of 10 second clips of nothing in particular. I'm not sure what motivates someone to load 10 second clips online but hey whatever. I thought it was interesting when we mentioned in class how most of youtube is crap, but so is the rest of media on tv and whatnot. This relates to commenting on youtube, which pisses me off. I hate the comment sections on a lot of videos because people leave remarks that aren't helpful or even make sense. I see a lot of videos where someone took the time and effort to make a decent piece of work and then have their entire page filled with mean ass comments saying how something is not funny or whatever. I personally think that these videos are on par or better than some of the stuff on TV, so maybe it isn't that good, but it still might be better than what a company is producing. I think people give more credit to whats on tv just because it was delivered to them in that fashion. It would be interesting to see the ratings difference on the same pieces of media delivered via youtube and your tv set and if it changes peoples minds on how much they may or may not like something.

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