Friday, November 09, 2007


Found an interesting new site recently that my friend sent me to. Its called Splashup.
It is a basic version of photoshop online. I find this to be pretty neat, because photoshop is a wonderful program and offers a lot more options that what typically comes installed on a computer....such as paint. I guess its integrated with facebook or something, which is pretty cool considering it will let people play around with their giant picture albums there. I think theres an interesting trend of having more and more programs working online. This is pretty interesting because a lot of people i know would really like programs like photoshop but they certainly don't have the money to purchase expensive software like that. Frequently they get it in other less than legal ways. Will more programs such as this on the web lead to less downloads of software? I'm not sure about that, but I do think more and more people who don't use stuff like this will start to and it will lead to a lot more users warping pictures on photoshop. Should be fun.

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