Monday, November 26, 2007

American Gangster

I recently saw the movie American Gangster. I'm a fan of the mafia movies, and the previews for Amrican Gangster billed it as a sort of Harlem Mafia. I was excited to see the movie since I had first seen the preview about a month ago.
I would compare American Gangster to, say, Godfather Part Two. The film recognizes in itself, its big names and credentials. It knows it has a lot to live up to. The film does lend itself naturally to its actors and script. It isn't on par with the Godfather I. I won't and don't remember specific lines from the movie, and only a few scenes stick out in my mind. This film was very well executed, but it pales in comparison to classics like The Godfather Trilogy or Scarface. It did keep my rapt attention, however, for almost three hours, which is a feat.
My guess would be that rappers may continue to emulate the Scarface motif, but American Gangster will give it short-lived competition.
Pop some popcorn and grab a soda, you'll enjoy American Gangster.

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