Friday, November 30, 2007

PlayStation Store

Hi all. For this blog entry, I wanted to show you something a little different. Since I love video games so much, there is a new service that Sony Computer Entertainment has released for owners of their PlayStation Portable (PSP) system. It is called the “PlayStation Store,” and this service allows PSP owners to download and view PSP wallpapers, themes, and videos, as well as video game demos, downloadable games, and even classic PlayStation One games. This service was created so that PC users could access PSP content without need of a PlayStation 3 system, which is great for those (like me) who can’t afford a PS3. Based on what a consumer wants to download, some items are free of charge while others can be as much as $10. This new way of taking content on the go creates a larger community of video game users who may want to share downloads with friends and family, as well as other gamers. Also, this is an effective marketing strategy because it gives gamers an opportunity to use their PSPs for something different, and once other people see this content on someone’s PSP, they’ll most likely buy one to obtain the same items, or even more. Check out the website, if you would like to.

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