Thursday, November 08, 2007

Stop Gas Purchase from THEM...not WHEN

My normal process of entering the internet is as follows:
  1. I check my UWM email, delete any unnecessary junk and reply to those that can be done in less than 30 seconds.
  2. Check my Hotmail email account and proceed as before
  3. Check Facebook to see if anything new has been sent to my profile.
Today Facebook had informed me that I was invited to join a group. Honestly, I was a group joining fiend my freshmen year, but since then have become more skeptical about which I join, if any. Instead of accepting myself into a group based on its title and brief description, I investigate the entire site/group and it's central Idea.

This group however peaked my interest.

It basically was informing the many Facebook participants that the Gas Price Strike could be done a better and more efficient way.

Instead of everyone not buying gas on a certain day, we should stop buying gas altogether from a certain Provider: Mobil.

The description basically points out that it is the consumer who controls the prices, not the providers. Mobil (now in cahoots with Exxon,) is the most expensive Gas Station provider throughout the entire United States and that if everyone chooses to buy from BP, Phillip's 66, or Q-Gas, etc., it would force Mobil/Exxon to lower their prices down into the $2.00-2.75 range.

When you actually think about, something like this could work if enough people go along with it-hence why this was brought to Facebook: A mass media outlet that millions of people use now.

This unfortunately is in the chain letter style and I for one am not the biggest of fan of those. I will actually be participating, just not joining the group. It does make more sense to cut off an entire company until they break than just "punishing" many for one day... By which not everyone will do.

For more information on this, go to this Facebook Site or read more about the country's proposal to our gas problem.

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