Friday, November 30, 2007


The last 6 Packer games I have watched have left me with a sense of joy, pride, and happiness. Unfortunately, tonight was different. I went to watch the game with a bunch of friends, and needless to mention, I was pumped. For the last week and a half I looked forward to tonight's game, fairly certain this was the Packer season for the unexpected. Tonight's game was surely unexpected, but not in a good way. When Favre got taken out, a part of me (and the group I was with) died inside. That was surely unexpected and very disturbing. When Rodgers actually threw a touchdown, that was unexpected. When the Packers lost, that was also unexpected. Although I am still truly bummed about the Packer loss, I look forward to the few games left in the season and hope that we can still come out on top.

Also, the last 3 or so football games I've watched have been in HD. The first few where while I was at my parent's place over Thanksgiving. Tonight's game was viewed on my friends brand new HDTV. I am very impressed. The picture quality is amazing. I noticed while watching sunday night football last week, you could actually see the blades of grass on the field. This is just another example of the improving technology that helps us view our media. I just wish the crisp picture would've helped me better enjoy a Packer victory.

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Kayla Rae said...

Well, it's alright for the loss last night, as we will kick their asses in the playoffs. You better believe it will be a great feeling amongst all us cheeseheads. We will then show Owens who's eating the popcorn then!!!!!!!!