Thursday, November 29, 2007

Creating Media

I've been thinking lately about creating media. All the talk of creating our own media online through facebook (by adding pictures, creating a profile, etc.) made me much more aware that I've been creating media without really noticing. For example, on my MySpace page, I have a slideshow that I created on that features my best friends and family in pictures that I like (I put it in the "heroes" section of my profile, since I've never figured out how to get rid of sections that I don't really know what to put in). I have 25 photo albums on facebook. I helped my dad create a DVD slideshow to use at a family member's memorial service.

These examples really brought it home to me that now, more than ever- since I don't have cable and am not that impressed by all network TV, especially in light of the strike, but I do have high speed cable internet- much of the media I consume is created by so called amateurs. Most of the CDs I listen to are mixxes that were made by me or for me. I trade funny videos or inspiring videos with friends online. It was a slow shift, but after discussing these ideas so much in class, it's been eye-opening to me to realize that the media I enjoy consuming is mostly user created.

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