Thursday, November 22, 2007


like all packer fans, my family stayed glued to the TV for the duration of their win against the lions. in fact, we even pushed back the meal in order to fully enjoy the packer victory. i noticed a few interesting things while watching the game.

it seems that EVERYONE loves brett favre. packer fan or not, people have respect for that man. i am amongst his loyal followers and was pleasantly surprised by the amount of respect he commands from even other NFL team fans. i was with other friends/family for the holiday and as much as some of them hate the packers, they like brett favre.

during the pre-game there were segments about various aspects of his career. i found it very interesting when a segment aired in which former "champions" gave their tribute to favre. the champions included wayne gretzky and lance armstrong. i was also shocked by MVP and super-bowl speculation. It seems to me that "Favre fever" is starting to sweep the nation. various front-pages of news websites had headings like "Favre on fire," and "favre turns lions into lambs."

being down south for the holidays i've had a heightened sense of awareness of favre respect. it is common in wisconsin. but i've found that even in other parts of the country many people love favre.

regardless of how they do the rest of the season, i'm very happy with the 10-1 record so far.

and for old times sake. another reason why favre is awesome.

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