Friday, November 30, 2007

my mom...

This Monday my mother called me and was asking me about Facebook. I guess she joined a few weeks ago so she could look at something for her work. I hadn't read the articles for class at that point, but I saw that the title of one was 'OMG my mom joined FB" which made it really ironic to me.

I told her to friend me and to write on my wall because I thought it would be funny. My mom always worked with computers in her career, has taken some web design classes, etc. So she's rather computer savvy. But for some reason each thing on FB I had to walk her through. It turned out to be rather annoying, when I thought it would be fun to have her on there.

After reading the social graph stuff I realized my mom doesn't have anything to do on FB because none of her friends are on there, none of our family is (besides some college-age cousins who I doubt would add her -- I'm not even friends with them), so there isn't a lot of social networking to do. But I do like to play Scrabble with her, because most of my friends won't. I guess it works out.

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