Friday, November 23, 2007


I have watched the movie Idiocracy 3 times in the past week with 3 different groups of people. The appeal of this movie is startling and surprisingly broad. Even those who hate Mike Judge's sense of humor in Beavis and Butthead have been won over by this amazing and actually profound movie.

The basic premise of the movie is what if all the young urban professionals stopped procreating while the stupid masses of the earth multiplied at an alarming rate. Then fast forward to 2505. However, an army experiment from 2005 left 2 people freeze dried and forgotten until a garbage avalanche breaks open their capsules to find the world in deep crisis resulting from the world's plummeting IQ. Fuddruckers becomes "Buttfuckers," everyone's favorite show is "Ow! My Balls," the favorite movie is "Ass," and advertising is EVERYWHERE. An energy drink with electrolytes has replaced all uses of water except for toilet water. This situation is profound as the energy drink corporation, Brawndo, has virtually taken over the world. Because of its prevelance in life functions (as water today is, except somebody's now making a profit off of it!!!), half of the population is employed by Brawndo and the world "ecomony" relies on Brawndo's monopoly. They even bought out the FDA and FCC during the budget crisis of 2330, making their influence unstoppable. Along with Carl's Jr., Starbucks, and Costco, these corporations dictate the way of life for the future state of mankind. When the hero of the story realized that the reason crops wouldn't grow was because they were being watered with Brando, the water replacement cost the population half of their jobs!! Monopoly at its finest!

The next morning after watching this movie, I woke up and watched the Packer game, and realized how regardless of Idiocracy's exagerrated ridiculousness, we may not be that far off from such a world if we're not careful. Watching a football game is an endless string of sponsors (Coors Light NFL on Fox, sponsored by ______, ________, and the official sponsor of _______) and advertising plugs, of which I can't even remember. There was an official beer of the NFL, an official car, everything! Somehow in real life, it wasn't as funny.

Despite it's crude, potty mouth humor, Idiocracy was an incredibly relevant movie that says a lot of about the state of business, advertising, and public interest issues. You should probably watch it.

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