Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The OC & SNL: Cinematography

I was in the process of doing research for my industry analysis paper for "The O.C." and I came across a SNL spoof of the last episode of the second season of The O.C. I posted both videos so you can see the comparisons between the two. In Tuesday's class we learned about cinematography including camera shots and angles. Both videos equally display the different types used in filming. For those of you who haven't seen the show or this episode, it's about Ryan's revenge on his older brother Trey for "forcing himself" on Ryan's girlfriend (played by Mischa Barton). The first video uses a medium close-up of Ryan and Trey during their heated confrontation and uses the over-the-shoulder filiming technique as well. The end of the scene is also captured from a high angle shot in which all the characters are in the frame.

The second video is the SNL spoof of The OC's episode. It uses similar, but noticeably more camera angles. When each head hits the floor, it's a close-up and the camera angle is canted and basically appears as though it's set on the floor. They filmed the guy in the green shirt as a quick extreme close-up capturing only his right eye. The scene is also filmed from low and high angles as well when they key in on each shooter and each body on the ground. Check it out.

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